Our Mission


At Harriet's our aim is to provide a second-to-none hair care experience in a relaxing, calming environment free from any pressure or stress.  We want to give you the hair you want and we will do it  without using harsh chemicals and only using organic plant-based products.


Harriet Cawkwell started her business largely because she and her family had sensitivities and allergies to many modern products used in the home.  This led to her researching what products were out there for people with similar sensitivities and allergies.  As a hair stylist in conventional hair salons, Harriet was concerned that the level of harmful chemicals she was exposed to, including Ammonia, could have serious long-term consequnces for her health.  The products Harriet's uses are the ones that work for Harriet and her family and the salon doesn't use any products that Harriet hasn't used for herself or her children.


As well as offering a different type of hair care product and a 'health first' ethos,  Harriet's  is also a response to the conventions of many modern, mainstream hair salons.  Harriet wanted to get away from the  minimalist sterility of many modern salons and the interior decor of the salon reflects this attitude.  Furniture is upcycled, used, lived in, comfortable and comforting. 


At Harriet's we believe that hair should be all about self-expression, fun, feeling good and self-confidence whilst feeling and being healthy.  We maintain that you can do anything you like to your hair without damage.  Being healthier doesn't require compromise in how you express yourself through your hair.


Our absolute priority at Harriet's is that our customers leave happy with their hair.  If you enjoy your experience at the salon as much as we hope you do, please feel free to leave a comment on our TESTIMONIALS page.