Non-gender specific pricing 

There has long been a tradition in the Hair styling world that a haircut for a man is set at a lower price than that for a woman regardless of what styling is involved.  At Harriet's we've come to the conclusion that it's silly in a multi-gender culture to assume any service we provide is gender specific and so we altered our pricing slightly to reflect this.  If you're female and you want a short style in the manner of the traditonal short back and sides then you will pay the same as any man having the same service and likewise if you're one of the many men who want something a bit more styled you will pay the same price that a woman would pay for that service.  The same level of skill and time goes into cutting a man's hair as a woman's but there's always been an assumption that men should pay less for their hair regardless of what they want from a cut.  It's a small thing we know but it's niggled us for a while having a 'gent's' cut and so on.  So in keeping with  Harriet's inclusive, progressive philosophy we will charge all people of any gender or none for the service they ask for, equally.


October 2015.  

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